Everyone knows Benetton and everyone loves Benetton!

Benetton, with a network of over 6,400 stores in 120 countries is one of the largest high profile brands. It is a company with a strong Italian character whose style and design expertise are clearly seen in the United Colors of  Benetton and the more fashion oriented Sisley brands, in The Hip Site, the brand for teenagers and in sportswear brands Playlife and Killer Loop.

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton, one of the most well known apparel brands globally combines color, quality and fashion. UCB is a clothing label that blends on trendy leisure wear fashion with quality and comfort. When you dress up in UCB clothes, not only will you look great but a sense of well being is sure to embrace you!

Sisleyanother upmarket fashion brand for women’s and men’s wear apparel, launched recently in India by the Benetton group, has made ‘trendy and practical’ clothing its hallmark. It is a preminum international fashion brand in tune with the latest international trends.


Playlife is known as Benetton’s brand for casual and sports clothing for men and women. The Playlife clothes are designed to provide maximum comfort and simplicity. It proposes collections of ‘easy to wear’ clothing that is authentic and original.



About Akanksha Sinha

I'm doing my engineering in Computer Science from VIT. This blog is for all the people who love shopping just like me. I’ll write reviews about the best shopping destinations across the country and give highlights about a few of the whole wide range of amazing brands of clothing, accessories, bags, belts, shoes and a lot more. I hope all the shopaholics out there will enjoy their time here!

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